Why Using A VPN Is A Necessity In Today’s Time?

A Virtual Private Network is a service that lets you browse through a private secure network, over a public one. Actually it means that no one will be able to track your online traffic. This is because of the fact that all your traffic becomes encrypted and the IP address which was yours is actually replaced by the address of the VPN server that you are using.

So your online surfing and private data is not available to anyone for misuse. You can never be sure of safety if you are using a Wi-Fi at a public place. It might be provided by some agencies that are behind your personal data. But if you connect to the Wi-Fi connection with the help of a VPN you can be assured of safety and security.

But you should be very clear about why exactly you need a VPN:

  • Realize the bigger picture:

Right now I am talking about the biggest threat that is hovering about your personal data. The big names or reasons behind this are ISP and NSA.

To realize the importance of a service you need to know what kind of threats the service deals with in order to keep your data and browsing safe in the long run.

NSA reportedly has an enormous power to get to the core of the internet and can get the data that it requires. It has a very powerful surveillance apparatus that it can employ to know anyone’s or any agency’s personal data. It can almost intercept every data transmission that is present on the internet.

Even among the big companies like Google and Facebook, our data can be up for sale. Since these two websites have a lot of the user’s information, a large chunk of the data can be sold to the advertizing companies for huge profit.

A VPN here can definitely assure you a security and keeps your data encrypted such that any agency would find it difficult to access it.

  • Saves Money:

Sounds weird, right? Well it is kind of a true fact. For instance, if you are planning on buying a product online that is not abundantly available, and search for it without using a VPN you will get a high price. But if you use the VPN, it will show the original price as it cannot track down your address through which you searched for the product. It has been found in case of many products or tickets that are being sold online.

  • Suitable for users of all category:
  • The student:

Many a times a student away at hostel is free to use the Wi-Fi over there. Of course the connection will be safe. But there are people in and around the institute who might be into hacking and other crimes, as these places like colleges are prone to such threats. So the students can definitely opt for using a VPN that will secure their data as well as their privacy.

  • Downloading with security:

People who tend to download stuff from internet (either legal or illegal) always want that their details are not prone to any danger or other harmful software. So downloading using VPN can always safeguard your privacy and details.

  • Securing sensitive data:

Online banking is now a growing trend. Along with this online shopping and business has also grown to a very large extent. Going cashless is one of the major aims for the country right now. In such a scenario it is very important that you turn to safe and secured browsing using VPN in order to preserve your personal data and prevent it from leakage. Even if you are working for a company, and you are dealing with some very important company’s data, you must be sure of the security as rivals always tend to get access to each other’s internal information to win in this competitive market.

  • Gives you seamless connection while travelling:

When you are travelling aboard, it is very important that you shield yourself from any kind of troubles. Internet can always pose a threat in such cases. You might get into issues even unknowingly, so it is necessary that you have a secure VPN connection in order to safeguard your browsing and online activities.

  • Logging Options:

When you connect to a VPN you are free from the harmful prying eyes on the web. But the other systems on the same VPN, especially the operator can have access to certain data if they choose to do so. To prevent this, make sure that you are very well acquainted with the logging policies of your provider before you sign up for that particular VPN. This can be applied to locations as well.

  • Blocking of unwanted stuff:

A VPN not only enables safe and anonymous browsing for you, but it also lets you get rid of malicious software or malware that might be present on any website or enter your device when it is clicked on. Also since your browsing data is safe, you will not find ads for the things that you search or any other irritating and unwanted notifications. It also protects your device from virus.

Even if someone tampers with the router your browsing will not be unsafe as it is protected by a VPN.

Above all these reasons, you should also be careful while choosing a VPN. Some VPN are good and free of cost. While others might be free for usage, it may be harmful for your security. Some tend to collect your personal data and then sell it for profit. So you should definitely look into the reviews of the tech experts before opting for a VPN.