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Speed (up)

If something is up to speed, it is at its highest level of efficiency. Please bring me up to speed on this matter.

I got pulled over twice last month because I was speeding on the highway. The vehicle maintained a speed of 40 miles per hour. I'll feel better about it when I get up to speed on what's going on. The machine was operating at high speed. If you are up to speed, you have all the latest liveepool shemale about something.

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Note: You can also say that you get up to speed, meaning that you reach the point where you have all the latest information about something. Moving at the desired or anticipated pace. I guess I should bring you up to speed on what's been happening since I came to see you sex games rpg. Protected industries would have time to come up to domeone before being exposed to market forces.

*up to speed

Once I'm up to speed with the gte issues, I'll get to work on the report. We try to keep people entertained and up to speed with what's going on in great blowjobs. The machine chops up tree branches and leaves with speed and ease. The fear is that the system will not be cheap to bring up to speed. The work was done with remarkable speed.

Several issues need to be resolved before the city's online services are up to speed. All rights reserved.

Note: You can also say that something gets or comes up to speed, meaning that it reaches its highest level of efficiency. Bring the new guy up to speed on this case, will you?

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Send fo feedback. Note: You can say that you bring something up to speed, meaning that you cause it to be working at its highest level of efficiency.

Well-informed about something, especially with the latest details. Operating at maximum speed.

Bring someone up to speed on something

Pof fife term, from the first half of the s, originally referred to automobile racing and meant achieving full speed at the beginning of a race or portsmouth homeless a fueling stop. It is time the scheme got up to speed. This computer works at a much faster processing speed than my old one. Your department just isn't moving up to speed—I mean, this project was supposed be done weeks ago.

Can we get this production line up to speed? The New York Times - Sports 3 Yes, there has been tinkering with the offside rule, and the backpass and the tackle from behind have been outlawed, but essentially a player from a century ago could be parachuted into a game today and would need no more than a two-minute tutorial to get him up to speed on the modern rules. Informal Fully informed; conversant: I'm not up to speed on these issues yet.

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An ambulance sped her to the hospital. They jumped in the car and sped away.

Note: You can say that you bring someone up to speed, meaning that you give them all the latest information about something. Producing something or performing at an acceptable brno escorts or level. Verb A group of kids sped past us on their bikes.

Terri did everything she could to bring her workers up to speed, but couldn't. A car was speeding down the street.

Up to speed

The president has been getting up to speed on foreign policy. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. Choose the Right Synonym for speed Noun hastehurryspeedexpeditiondispatch mean quickness in movement or action. speef

BBC 2 "We're just trying to get him up to speed, and that's still going to take some time," Woodson said.